Some components have not been added to this page yet. In the meantime, you can still access them at the old 0.9 components page.

Show only components that are compatible with foobar2000

Latest versions of components that are compatible with foobar2000 1.0:

NameVersionRelease DateDownloadRequires
Database Search1.42007-01-25Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.4
Feature Watcher1.0.72012-02-16Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
freedb Tagger0.62007-04-08foobar2000
Live Show Tagger0.7.12010-05-15Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 1.0
Playback Queue Viewer0.22008-03-11Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Playlist Manager1.0.22007-01-25Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.4
Run Command1.12010-01-07Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 1.0
Shell Link Resolver1.3.12010-01-07Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 1.0
Utilities0.6.2 beta 62008-03-10Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
UI Elements
Infospect1.0.32008-02-01Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Screen Saver Host1.12008-03-10Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Text Display1.0 RC 32008-07-08Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Noise Sharpening1.0.02008-10-24Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Lossless Audio Codecs
Shorten Decoder0.4.2.22009-11-15Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.4
TAK Decoder0.4.42010-01-09Download ZIP archive
Download source code
foobar2000 1.0
Exotic Audio Codecs
Randomized Playlist Entry1.3.02009-06-30Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 0.9.5
Developer Tutorials
DSP Tutorial Component1.0.22009-10-23Download source codefoobar2000 0.9.5
General Component Tutorial0.42011-06-26Download source codefoobar2000 1.0
Special Purpose
Channel Usage Visualisation1.0Download RAR archive
Download source code
foobar2000 0.9.4
GUID Lookup1.0Download RAR archivefoobar2000 0.9.4
Playlist Loader Benchmark0.5.12010-01-07Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 1.0
Playlist Lock Test1.1.12010-01-07Download ZIP archivefoobar2000 1.0

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