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Name Version Compiled on Project status Download
Generally useful components
Shell Link Resolver 1.2 2007-01-25 mature component archive
COM Automation server 0.7 alpha 6 work in progress installer
Titleformat interpreter 0.7.1 alpha abandoned not ported
Podcast parser 0.1 abandoned not ported

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All components listed above are compatible with foobar2000 0.9.3.

The components in the Special purpose components section are designed to solve special problems, for example related to component development. They are generally not useful for the common user. If you were not explicitly referred to one of them, save yourself some time and do not bother with them.

Installation notes

Component DLLs - that is DLLs with a name starting with foo_ - haved to be placed in your foobar2000 folder or a subfolder thereof; by convention they are placed in a subfolder called "components" (without the quotes).

Other DLLs - usually runtime or other libraries a component requires - should be placed in the foobar2000 folder itself.

The internal folder layout of the component archives offered on this page is made so that they can be directly extracted into your foobar2000 folder.


Do not put runtime DLLs in your components folder, they will not work there. They must be in the same folder as foobar2000.exe.

foosic client


Titleformat interpreter

Lets you experiment with titleformat scripts.

Output pane displays script code with syntax highlighting and the result of running the script. The context in which scripts are evaluated can be chosen as the currently playing track, the focused item on the active playlist or a null context in which no track related fields or functions are available.

Supports optional automatic re-evaluation of the entire worksheet. The look of the output pane can be customized using CSS. Worksheets can be saved and loaded back later.

Uses the HTMLayout component from Terra Informatica.


The foo_tfsh 0.7.1 uses a newer version of HTMLayout.dll, so please update that as well. The issues that plagued 0.7 should be fixed.

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COM Automation server

Allows controlling foobar2000 through COM Automation (also known as ActiveX Scripting).

There is only a public technology preview of this component available right. See this forum thread for details and download links.

Podcast parser

Allows you to read RSS 2.0 feeds with enclosures as playlist.

It does not copy files to your harddrive and it does not provide other features of an RSS aggregator. I do not intend to implement such features.

The component archive contains a copy of libexpat.dll, an XML parsing library used by the component.


Development of this component has stopped, though the source code will be released when there is a public SDK for foobar2000 v0.9.

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