Recent changes

2008-03-10, Site update

The site is getting some overhaul. I'm trying not to break too many things.

2006-04-20, Experimental site feature

I'm slowly building a new tool that will help me to keep this site updated. One of its features will be to extract information from component DLLs and export it in various formats including as RSS feed. An early version of this feed exporter is used to generate a feed containing information about the components on this site.

2006-03-22, Clarification

Some people got confused because I'm so lazy with the recent changes section, but yes, all the components listed here do work with 0.9 final.

2006-02-22, Update to 0.9 release candidate, part 1

First batch of components updated for compatibility with 0.9 release candidate (2006-02-21).

Crash bug in foo_sic fixed. "Play" command in foo_utils fixed.

2005-12-21, Public technology preview of the automation server

See this forum thread for details.

2005-12-20, Fixed titleformatting glitch in foo_utils

The text tools would previously (unintentionally) bypass the new API used by the playback statisctics component. This should be fixed now.

2005-12-18, Updates for beta 13

All components available on this page are now updated for beta 13.

Added the Channel Usage Visualisation component in the special purpose components section.

2005-11-21, foo_utils 0.5.2

Some cosmetic fixes to "Edit/Add to playlist" and its friends "Edit/Send to playlist" and "Edit/Insert into playlist". Like "Edit/Highligh in playlist", they no longer show on the active playlist.

Additionally, you can now make playlists read-only ("Playlist/Read-only" in the main menu). This only works for playlists that are not already used by another "playlist lock". The currently existing playlist locks are autoplaylist (from foo_autoplaylist) and the playback queue viewer (from foo_pqview), and now the read-only lock (from foo_utils).

The preferences page has been split into "Playlist tools" and "Text tools". The plan is to eventually move the text tools into a separate component that supports multiple presets.