class  autoplaylist_client
class  autoplaylist_client_factory
class  autoplaylist_manager

Detailed Description

These APIs were introduced in foobar2000 0.9.5, to reduce amount of code required to create your own autoplaylists. Creation of autoplaylists is was also possible before through playlist lock APIs. In most cases, you'll want to turn regular playlists into autoplaylists using the following code: static_api_ptr_t<autoplaylist_manager>()->add_client_simple(querypattern, sortpattern, playlistindex, forceSort ? autoplaylist_flag_sort : 0); If you require more advanced functionality, such as using your own code to filter which part of user's Media Library should be placed in specific autoplaylist, you must implement autoplaylist_client (to let autoplaylist manager invoke your handlers when needed) / autoplaylist_client_factory (to re-instantiate your autoplaylist_client after a foobar2000 restart cycle).

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